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As   the   direct   and   sole   agent   for   BEIQI   products   in   South   Africa,   we   take   pride   in   supplying   high   quality   ice   cream machines and soft serve machines at an affordable price. We   have   a   wide   range   of   soft   serve   ice   cream   and   frozen   yoghurt   machines   available.   Our   soft   serve   machine    can   be used   in   small   businesses   or   large   outlets   for   serving   ice   cream,   frozen   yoghurt,   milkshakes,   waffles   and   desserts   in restaurants,   coffee   shops,   ice   cream   or   frozen   yoghurt   parlours   and   food   service   industry.   Ice   cream   makers   are especially   popular   at   outdoor   functions   and   school   events.   The   table   top   and   floor   standing   ice   cream   machines   come with   a   15   to   35   litre   per   hour   production   capacity   and   with   our   new   addition   which   will   have   a   45   litre   maximum production and increased hopper capacity.  Our    ice   cream   machines    offer   you   the   prospect   of   high   profits   and   a   great   return   on   your   investment.   Customers   have   a choice   between   a   single   flavour   and   two   flavour   +   mix   machines.   This   all   depends   on   your   catering   equipment   budget and needs. Click Here to view our Soft-Serve Flavours For   those   catering   for   a   larger   group   of   customers   we   have   ice   cream   machines/frozen   yoghurt   machines   with   pre- cooling   and   air-pumps.   They   can   handle   either   soft   serve   ice   cream   mixes,   or   if   you   choose,   one   can   use   frozen   yoghurt mix   instead.   The   pre-cooling   is   a   standby   feature   that   keeps   the   mix   in   the   hoppers   refrigerated   for   those   long   no   use periods   or   for   overnight   storage.   The   air-pump   delivers   the   precise   amount   of   mix   and   air,   thus   increasing   the   volume   of the   ice   cream   mix,   which   results   in   higher   profits   and   smoother   tasting   ice   cream.   For   easy   operation   the   ice   cream makers   and   frozen   yogurt   machines   are   equipped   with   a   cleaning   function   for   easy   cleaning   and   digital   display   where the product hardness can be adjusted. An automatic counter system helps you keep track of your daily sales. All   of   our   ice   cream   machines    are   manufactured   with   a   sturdy   stainless   steel   body   for   durability   and   with   a   built   in warning   alarm   signal   for   protection   of   over   and   under   currant.   We   only   use   Panasonic   brand   compressors,   as   the   main compressors in our Beiqi ice cream machines, for the durability you expect. Please click here to see our range of Soft Serve Machines.
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